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How Technology and Society Influence Each Other

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How Technology and Society Influence Each Other
16 February 2021

How technology development affects society is a complex and interlinked process. Technological change and social change go hand in hand, as people's needs become more complex and society's needs also change. Technological change is often accompanied by societal change; the impact of new technologies on society can either bring it about faster or bring about much slower changes, depending on the nature of the technological system and the prevailing culture. How technology development influences technology and society, therefore is not a straightforward question to answer, and we do not yet have a complete understanding of this process.

The answer to how technology development and society change are intertwined and vary from one society to another. For example, many areas of society have been greatly influenced by technology, especially information technology development. In particular, the Internet has affected every aspect of our everyday lives, be it our buying choices or our decision making processes. We have also been greatly affected by technology development from transportation systems to communication systems, from retail to entertainment, from government to industry, and in every possible sphere.

Technological change and society in general have led to significant social and economic changes in various societies around the world, but how technology affects society is a very complicated question that still remains unanswered. Many people argue that technology development has not only changed the world but also has the potential to drastically affect the world in the future. Other people, however, claim that technology development has not only affected society but also has the potential to affect society. Whether technology has the potential to negatively or positively affect society in the future remains a question that is yet to be answered.

Irsan Buniardi