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Online Employee Engagement - A New Method for Boosting Productivity?

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Online Employee Engagement - A New Method for Boosting Productivity?
19 February 2021

One of the main reasons behind workforce dissatisfaction and motivation loss is the lack of communication between management and employees. Remote working has made it possible for companies to successfully combine work culture and technology in such a way that the business benefits from both. However, it has also increased the distance between management and employees, hindering efficient employee motivation and engagement. Lack of online employee engagement can be a product of poor online communication or poor management training. For online employee engagement to be successful, there must be a clear understanding of the company's objectives, motivations and needs, and the required online resources that the online working scenario requires. The Internet can be a powerful tool for online employee engagement and it is vital for any company to fully utilize its online resources to ensure productivity, efficiency, and motivation throughout the workforce.

In a remote working situation, many employees are forced to adapt to work online, resulting in poor online communication and poor motivation. It has been found that most companies that have adopted an online culture have done so successfully because of the significant impact it has on motivation and engagement. Effective online resources like online discussion boards, blogs, podcasts, and video channels can significantly improve motivation levels of a team as well as improve overall productivity. This is because it allows people to express their views and ideas in an interactive manner, and it helps them bond with each other more than they would in a traditional setting. This type of online communication provides employees with a sense of belonging and a sense of value, which is essential in any workforce development strategy.

Poor online communication and low employee motivation can be avoided by adopting a systematic approach to online management. This involves identifying the key barriers to online engagement and overcoming them. One of the best ways to overcome the barriers to motivation is to use online tools that allow employees to share and distribute ideas easily. In addition, companies must make it easier for workers to use online resources and communicate with each other. These methods can include things like online forums, blogs, remote working situation chats, online training, and videos, among others. With the right tools, employees will have access to effective online resources that can improve their motivation levels.

Irsan Buniardi