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Technology Used in Our Daily Life

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Technology Used in Our Daily Life
26 January 2021

As the technology evolved, its use and impact on human society have changed drastically. The development of the internet and related technologies has created new and different kinds of interaction that previously were not possible to achieve or even imagine. We are no longer just interacting through text messages and emails but now there are video, audio, and multimedia interactions that can change the way we live our lives. Video websites such as YouTube have been very popular with the younger generation. The social networking phenomenon has altered how we interact with each other. Not only have people started to share more intimate details about their lives through video sharing, they now communicate through more than just a simple chat or email, they have now formed what is called a network that consists of hundreds of these social networks and their interaction is greatly increased by using these gadgets for their internet connection.

The use of technology in daily life is so pervasive that many people refer to technology as 'brainwave entertainment'. This refers to the use of the internet and online tools such as podcasts, MP3 players, blogs, discussion forums, and wikis to enhance the learners' experience of education. There are also online tools that help teachers and lecturers to facilitate discussions between students in a more interactive way. These tools do not necessarily come with multimedia capabilities, however, some of these gadgets incorporate wireless internet connections and cameras to allow the users to capture audio and video lectures and then save them for listening later or printing them out for other learners to see.

Other tools like wearable technologies enable us to keep track of our movements and measure our health and fitness easily and effectively. Furthermore, they are also useful in enhancing the interactivity in our daily lives. When interacting with others, we can do so more efficiently and better when those tools/gadgets enable us to interact with other people in real-time using technologies such as eye-tracking, speaker interaction, and camera and speaker interaction.

Irsan Buniardi